Remember, Fake Unicorns Exist

OK so I'm just sitting here minding everyone else's business on Facebook while having Siri compare home toenail clipping services when a Reminder pops about Big Wille playing tonight at Moriarities and there's John Patrick Peters, naturally freaking about a willie and its portentous dimension and I go, No JPP, you dasn't fret about the Willie yonder, and this brings up rain in a sudden downpour of post-replies from which I feel a need to seek shelter. 

So he offers to take me in during one set or so at his own gig tonight at yonder Unicorn Tavern 'round 9:00 if not midnight.

So there you have it: willies, unicorns, showers and measures. You probably can see where it's all headed.

Break ya off some John Patrick Peters in the meantime if you know what's good for ya, consult your physician if doubts enter in. Git to the Unicorn tonight for the Truth.