Now We're in The Big Leagues: "Tailored To Undress" To Be Unveiled [sic] on WLNZ's Vinyl Side of Midnight

Lansing Jazz Chronicler and Sage, DJ and Host of WLNZ's Vinyl Side of Midnight, Mike Stratton, will debut the Redacted Passages Album ballad, "Tailored To Undress," -- featuring guest vocalist Cindy McElroy -- on TOMORROW NIGHT's broadcast! 

This is a jazz show for and by the jazz fan…the Vinyl Side of Midnight. The show’s host, Mike Stratton has been a volunteer and a part of the WLNZ team for over a decade. His dedication to the program has garnished him an international following and national syndication. Cool jazz, bop jazz, avant-garde; Mike mixes in a little bit of everything including interviews and music from the local scene. The Vinyl Side of Midnight has been on 89.7FM WLNZ since 1997. This show can heard on Sunday nights, from 9pm until midnight. Over the last few years it can be heard on the web, as well, at the WLNZ LCC Radio website.

Here's what he's already had to say about the track: "Why did I pick this piece for the show? It’s my favorite. I think it marries words and music most effectively. Your violin obligato and then the string arrangement are rich and evocative. Cindy McElroy kills it."

About Redacted Passage Album, we writes:

"This is a music of seasons past, what’s been gained through loss. It’s sharp and smart and sad. What’s left out of Redacted Passages always remains a mystery, but we’re left to focus on what we find."




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